IC Package: Top or To Hat package, Flat package, and Dual-in-Line Plastic package

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2022)

IC Package:

Integrated circuits are available in the following three types of packing

1). Top hat ICPackage

2). Flat IC Package

3). Dual-in-Line IC Package

Top or To Hat IC Package

This IC package is available in up to 4 pins. In figure 8.21 (a), the 8-terminals package has been illustrated, which is called To-5. Metal “To” provides an electromagnetic shield to the IC chip. This type of shielding cannot be achieved through plastic or ceramic packages.

Figure 8.21

IC Packing


Flat IC Package

In figure (b), a flat IC package comprising 14 terminals has been illustrated. This IC package does not provide an electromagnetic shield to the chip. Contrary to “To”, this package can be installed on a circuit board quite easily.

Dual-in-Line Plastic IC Package

They have a very low price, and it is most vastly used in industries and consumer products, particularly in places where the temperature is low. It comprises a total of 14 pins; each side has 7 pins (figure c). Ceramic DIL can also be applied instead of plastic. A ceramic package is preferred over a plastic package in places where the temperature is high.

IC Symbol

IC has very simple symbols. It is normally denoted by a triangle or rectangular type symbol, as can be seen in figure 8.22. Remember that the internal circuit does not show in the symbol.

Figure 8.22


IC Packing

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