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Trike Electric Scooter using Hoverboard Motors with complete wiring explanation

Trike Electric Scooter, Description:


Trike Electric Scooter using Hoverboard Motors with complete wiring explanation- In my previous article, I explained each and every wire on the 500 Watts BLDC Motor controller and I practically tested it with the Hoverboard 350 Watts motors. I also explained how to use a throttle handle to control the speed and buttons to switch ON and switch OFF the control system and how to set the maximum speed limit. I also explained the anti-theft function, Motor Reverse, Brake, Motor Direction Programming, and Cruise control System. So, if this is your first time building an electric bike, scooter, go kart, etc then I highly recommend you should read my previous article on the Electric bike motor controller wiring. Anyways, today’s article is going to be very informative and I am sure you are going to learn a lot of new things including how to control two BLDC motors using only 1 throttle handle, I will show you the correct way of connecting the BLDC motor controllers and I am sure after reading this article, you will be able to control multiple motors using only one throttle handle. Before, I am going to share with you the test results and how to build this very simple Trike Electric Scooter; first a few words about the sponsor for helping me purchasing the required components and tools.

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Trike Electric Scooter, Test results:

It’s just a simple Trike Electric Scooter made out of wood and an old small bicycle. The purpose of this project is just to help you understand the very basics which I will explain later in this article. These Hoverboard motors are very powerful; I tested these motors with more than 200 Kg weight and what I can say I was simply amazed.  As a beginner you can start with these Hoverboard motors, you can purchase a dead Hoverboard for a few bucks, salvage the motors and this way you can start your journey towards building an amazing Electric bike or even Electric Car if you can purchase a 3000 Watts BLDC Motor with 3000 Watts Motor controller, and a 72 volts heavy duty battery. The wiring will remain exactly the same only the devices specifications will change.

Personally for me this is just a good starting point, I know from the design and making point of view this Trike Electric Scooter is just a crap don’t even have the brakes, Horn, and lights, but I learned the overall making process, the weight it can carry, and how to fix the most common issues and I believe as a beginner you guys should only focus on the main technical things. Once you learn the basics then nobody can stop you from building an amazing electric vehicle.

These Hoverboard motors are so powerful that these could easily bear the weight of two persons. As you can see in the title image! This is true, you won’t believe it. For the test results you can watch video given at the end of this article.

Enough with the talking now it’s time to show you how I built this very basic Trike Electric Scooter and of course I will explain the wiring and other technical things. Without any further delay let’s get started!!!

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Trike Electric Scooter making:

Trike Electric Scooter

I know you guys are quite smart, you can make this basic frame it’s totally up to you whether you want to use the wood or rectangular metal tubes. You need some kind of structure to install your motors.

Trike Electric Scooter

I used lots of screws to secure the motors. This metal tube horizontally aligns both the motors. Again it’s up to you how you fix these motors. For me this was an easy setup.

Trike Electric Scooter

This part seems very weak, so I am going to add a support.

Trike Electric Scooter

I made these supports out of cycle carrier and now this part of the scooter is strong, not too strong but good enough to complete my testing.

Trike Electric Scooter

So, my very basic setup is completed and now I can place my batteries and BLDC motor controllers inside this box.

48 Volts Battery Pack:

Trike Electric Scooter

For now I could only arrange these 12v batteries, very soon I will write another article about how to make a 48V battery pack using lithium Ion battery cells. For now I will continue with these batteries. I am going to connect all these 4 batteries in series and this will give me 48 volts.

Trike Electric Scooter

For connecting all these 4 batteries in series all you need is to connect the positive of the first battery with the GND of the 2nd battery, positive of the 2nd battery with the GND of 3rd battery, and then the positive of the 3rd battery with the GND of the 4th battery. Let’s do the wiring.

All the batteries are connected in series, so this is the main GND “to which gnd test lead is connected” and this is the main voltage terminal “to which the red test lead is connected”. Perfect, all these 4 batteries when connected in series gives me the desired voltage needed to run my 350 Watts Hoverboard motors.

I have this XT-60 connector to which I have soldered these Red and Black wires, I will use this to charge the batteries and also to supply power to all the electronics and motors. Connect the black wire with the battery GND and connect the Red wire with the Battery main voltage terminal.

Trike Electric Scooter

Next, I have this socket to which I have soldered XT-60 connectors. All the Red wires are soldered together and all the GND wires are soldered together. M1 will be used to supply voltage to one motor controller and M2 will supply voltage to the other motor controller. With this socket I can connect my 48v battery charger.

This Red wire will be connected with the Switch wires of both the controllers through a switch, I will explain this in a minute. Right now you can see I am charging the batteries using 48 volts battery charger. When the Green light is turned ON means the batteries are fully charged and then the battery charger should be disconnected. Now, it’s time to explain how to wire up both the BLDC motor controllers for the Trike Electric Scooter the same wiring applies if you are building an electric bike.

Two BLDC Motor Controllers Wiring with One Throttle:

Trike Electric Scooter

Here I have these two BLDC Motor controllers. The Top side motor controller is the one I used in my previous tutorial which I have already modified, I soldered connectors for the BLDC motor three phases. I also soldered a connector for the Hall sensor. I also soldered an XT-60 connector which is going to be connected with the battery. I also soldered these female headers with the throttle wires. Finally, the switch wire to which I connected these connectors to easily connect it with the switch on the throttle handle to activate and de-activate the control system, so I had these modifications which I explained in very detail in my previous article.

I also made the same modifications on this other BLDC motor controller, I have connected connectors for the motor three phases. I also soldered a connector for the Hall sensor, and XT-60 connector for the battery.

Since we have to control two BLDC motors using only 1 throttle handle so, for this we have to connect both the switch wires and this way we can use only one button on the throttle handle to activate and de-activate both the controllers at the same time.

I have soldered the two switch wires together to which I have soldered a connector and now I can easily connect both the switch wires to a button on the throttle handle. The button wiring I have explained in my previous article.

Next, since we are using only one throttle handle to control both the BLDC motors, so we will need to connect the green signal wires of both the throttles and you can use the 5v and Gnd wires of any of the two controllers.

As you can see the green wires which are the signal wires are connected together and the Red and Black wires are used from only one controller there is no need to connect the Red and Black wires of the other controller. The Red wire is connected with the Red, Black wire with the Black wire, and the signal wire from the throttle handle is connected with the throttle wires of both the controllers. It’s just that simple. So, that’s all about the wiring. If still you have any confusions then watch video tutorial given at below. Now, let’s go ahead and install everything on the Electric Scooter.

Trike Electric Scooter

My Trike Electric scooter is ready and now let’s go for the test ride and practically see if these Hoverboard motors are powerful enough to bear the weight of two persons. Enjoy the test results and let me know in a comment if you have liked these Hoverboard motors. That’s all for now.

Watch Video Tutorial:

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