Visual basic for beginners

VB.Net Tutorial: Buttons, Labels and TextBox using Visual Basic

Developing Applications in Visual Basic 2012: VB.Net Tutorial Visual Basic for Beginners, Visual Basic programming examples- I have been using Visual Basic 2010 express edition for designing applications for Arduino Sensors... Read more »
sensors data on graphs

Sensors Data on Graphs using Arduino and

Description: This is a very detailed step by step Tutorial on How to make your own Real-time Weather Station using Arduino, DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor, and Visual Basic .net ( In... Read more »
split a string message

how to split a string message and access the sensors values

Split a String Message, Description: split a string message- In this tutorial, You learn how you can send multiple values from Arduino to Visual Basic application in one message and then how... Read more »
Students attendance

RFID based students attendance system with message Alert

Description: RFID based students attendance system with message Alert- In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an RFID students attendance system with an SMS alert using Arduino, MFRC522 RFID... Read more »