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How to make New Lead Acid Battery at home, 220Ah Lead Acid Battery Making

How to make new Lead Acid Battery:


How to make New Lead Acid Battery at home, 220Ah Lead Acid Battery Making– In article, you will learn how to make a new lead acid battery at home and this way you can save yourself a lot of money. This article is going to be very informative, especially for all those guys who want to start with the new Lead acid battery making and repairing business; because, I am going to share with you each and every detail.

Last year, I made my first video on how to repair a lead acid battery at home and this video is about to hit 100K views. In this video, I have talked about how to salvage and reuse the battery ground plates and the battery container. In this video, I have also talked about different tools required for making a Lead acid battery. So, if you are just getting started with the Lead Acid batteries then I highly recommend watch my previous video and read my previous article, because in this article I will not explain the things which I have already explained. Because, in this article, I am going to explain new things like for example, how to speed up the battery making process, How to increase the battery backup time, and so many other things. So, without any further delay let’s get started!!!

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Make New Lead acid battery

These plates are far better than the plates I used in my previous video. The supplier even gave me 6 months warranty. When it comes to the battery plates selection, always go for the best plates, because the battery overall performance, backup, and lifetime depends on the quality of these plates. So, don’t save a few dollars or rupees when you are purchasing the battery plates. Since, I am making this battery for my personal use, so I am going to use more positive and ground plates. As you know each cell has a voltage of around 2.1 volts when fully charged. So, when 6 cells are connected in series it will give about 12.6 volts. Each cell consists of multiple positive and ground plates connected in parallel to make 1 cell. As I need more backup time so I will connect 11 positive cells in parallel and 12 ground plates in parallel. So, in my case, every cell will have 23 plates. If you need more backup time then go ahead and increase the number of positive and ground plates. When it comes to the ground plates, it’s good to purchase new ground plates, but you can also purchase 2nd hand ground plates. In my case, I purchased some ground plates from the supplier and some ground plates I salvaged from my other battery. So, I have all the positive plates and all the ground plates, now let’s start making the battery.

Make New Lead acid battery

You can see there is carbon coating on the plates leads or contacts due to which it’s going to be very hard to do the welding or soldering. Because, cleaning this with a sandpaper will take a lot of time when you have to clean more than 100 plates. So this time I am going to use a grinder and this will definitely reduce the cleaning time.

Make New Lead acid battery

I did it for both the positive and ground plates. You can see the plates contacts are clean and now we can move on to the next step which is making leads of the Ground plates.

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Make New Lead acid battery

These are the tools which we going to need for making the Lead Acid battery Cells, I have already explained these tools in my previous article.

Make New Lead acid battery

I also purchased some lead from the local supplier. I will need this lead for making the battery cells and for making the battery terminals. First, let’s make contacts of the salvaged gnd plates.

Make New Lead acid battery

This technique is only used when you have salvaged ground plates, if you have the new ground plates then you don’t have to go through this process. Anyways, this is a simple process, all you need is a flat metal surface and a little bit of patience, because your first few attempts may fail. You will need to be quick and give it enough time to get cooled and then cut it to the desired length. I did it for all the salvaged ground plates.

Make New Lead acid battery

So, all my ground plates are ready, the leads or contacts are cut to the desired length, and I didn’t do anything with the positive plates except cleaning the contacts. My positive and ground plates are ready and now let’s move on to the next step which is making the cell. To make a cell we will need to insulate the positive plates from the ground plates and for this we use these separator sheets. All you need is simply place the positive plate in the separator sheet, do it for all the positive plates.

Make New Lead acid battery

The ground plates contacts are going to be on one side and the positive plates contacts are going to be on the other side.

Make New Lead acid battery

This cell has 11 positive plates and 12 ground plates. We will have to make 5 more cells.

Make New Lead acid battery

So, all the 6 cells are ready. Now we will make the terminals. The terminals making complete process I have already explained in my previous article.

Make New Lead acid battery

Finally, the hard work is done. All the 6 cells are ready and this is how we are going to places these cells inside the battery. This is the main positive terminal and this is the main ground terminal. All these 6 cells are going to be connected in series. Let me explain this in detail. The ground of the 1st cell is going to be connected with the positive of the 2nd cell. The ground of the 2nd cell is going to be connected with the positive of the 3rd cell. The ground of the 3rd cell is going to be connected with the positive of the 4th cell. The ground of the 4th cell is going to be connected with the positive of the 5th cell. The ground of the 5 cell is going to be connected with the positive of the 6th cell. The final terminal is the ground, as you can see all the ground contacts are connected together. Let’s place these cells inside the battery container and weld all the terminals.

Make New Lead acid battery

So, our battery main positive and ground terminals are ready and now the final step is to properly close the battery lid. I have explained this in the video which is given at the end of this article. Finally, I cleaned the battery and I added the electrolyte.

Make New Lead acid battery

I have been charging this battery for the last few hours and it’s still charging. It takes more time when you charge the battery for the first time. The voltage is 13.4 volts and this is pretty amazing. The battery voltage will increase to around 15 volts when the battery is fully charged. So, that’s all for now.  

Watch Video Tutorial:


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  1. Hi,
    Your tutorial is very informative. I learnt a lot from your educational videos. I have a few questions I would like to asked and I am grateful for your response.
    1. What impact the thickness and dimensions of the positive and negative plates?
    2. Where can I find a supplier for plates to South America, Guyana?
    3. Where can I find the molds from?

    Thank you for a favorable response.

    1. This is a great series of videos!! I was going to buy 3x 75 amp hr batteries at Costco here in Houston Texas for over $400 your lessons will save me a fortune!? I have some modifications I think you will be interested in it will include the energy density of a led acid battery by 30%.

      1. Hi ViJay
        Would you be so kind as to also include me in your modification information for increase in energy density please?

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