Nodemcu firebase database Tutorial

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Nodemcu firebase- In This tutorial, you will learn how to create your firebase account and create your first project to monitor a sensor in real-time from anywhere around the world. As this is a getting started tutorial on how to use the firebase with Nodemcu esp8266 wifi module, that’s why I decided to use a variable resistor as the sensor to keep things simple, while in my upcoming tutorials I will use the firebase in some intermediate and advanced level projects.

For the detailed step by step explanation watch video Tutorial Click Here

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Mega 2560:
Variable resistor or Potentiometer:
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12v 10A SPDT relay:
2n2222 NPN transistors:
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Nodemcu Firebase Setup:

Open your internet browser and go to,


Click on the add project.


Write the project name


check all the boxes and then click on the create project.


Click continue.

if you click on the develop you can see





Functions and

ML kit


First, let’s start with the project settings…


click on the service accounts…


click on the database secrets…


click show and copy ….


then open the program and paste this in the firebase authentication…


now for the firebase host…click on the database…


select realtime database…


copy this link and paste it in the programming…



now our settings are completed, now we can click on the verify button to compile our program and check for any errors.

Now let’s discuss the Circuit diagram…

Circuit Diagram:


The circuit diagram as you can see is really easy. Connect the rightmost and leftmost legs of the variable resistor with the Nodemcu esp8266 wifi module 3.3v and GND. Connect the middle leg of the variable resistor with the A0 pin of the Nodemcu.


Arduino Jason:

FirebaseArduino library:

Watch Video Tutorial:

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  1. hey man , i tried everything is working peacefully but the sensor data , its not getting uploaded to firebase , i checked for libraries also its working peaceful.please help me , thanks in advance

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