Visual basic for beginners

VB.Net Tutorial: Buttons, Labels and TextBox using Visual Basic

Developing Applications in Visual Basic 2012: VB.Net Tutorial Visual Basic for Beginners, Visual Basic programming examples- I have been using Visual Basic 2010 express edition for designing applications for Arduino Sensors... Read more »
Email in

Email in to send Arduino Sensors Data “2010 Express”

Description: Email in to send Arduino Sensors Data– In this tutorial, you will learn how to design your own computer application in to monitor the temperature and humidity values and... Read more »
sensors data on graphs

Sensors Data on Graphs using Arduino and

Description: This is a very detailed step by step Tutorial on How to make your own Real-time Weather Station using Arduino, DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor, and Visual Basic .net ( In... Read more »

OCR Optical Character recognition using and Arduino

OCR Project Description: This tutorial is based on the OCR “Optical character recognition” technology. In this project, the car number plates will be scanned using the OCR. For the Car number plates... Read more »
car parking

Car Parking Monitoring System using Arduino and

Car Parking Monitoring System, Project Description: Car Parking Monitoring System using Arduino and– This tutorial is about the Car parking Slots monitoring system using a computer application designed in Visual Basic... Read more »
weather station

Arduino Weather Station using dht11 and Display Data on Gauges

Description: Arduino Weather Station– This project is based on the Real-Time weather station monitoring system using Arduino, DHT11” temperature and humidity sensor” and Visual Basic 2010 Express edition. The main purpose of... Read more »
Arduino image processing

Arduino Image Processing based Entrance lock Control System

  Arduino Image Processing Project Description: Arduino Image Processing- This Project is based on Image Processing using Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition, Arduino Uno or Mega, and a 12 Volt Electronic Lock.... Read more »