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Unlock my car with my phone, Start engine, Start A/C, Anti theft using Arduino

Unlock my Car with my Phone Project Description:


Unlock my car with my phone, Start the engine, Start A/C, and Anti-theft using Arduino- In this tutorial, I will show you how to control your car wirelessly using your android cell phone. In this tutorial, you will also learn how to protect your car from being stolen. This project is based on an atmega328 microcontroller, the same microcontroller which is used in Arduino and HC-05 or HC-06 Bluetooth module. I named this project a Bluematic car, a car that can be controlled using an android cell phone, and Bluetooth.

I also have an article on the Bike Anti-theft system in which I used the RFID technology and practically demonstrated everything.

You can also watch a video Tutorial given at the end of this Article. Without any further delay let’s get started!!!

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Bluematic Car:

I named this project as the Bluematic Car. Bluematic car is an app designed for the security of your Car. Bluematic car allows you to operate your car without even touching it. it has a number of features including, anti-theft, Ignition and doors unlocking, in case you forget your keys inside the car or you lose your keys while the car is locked, do not panic, take out your cell phone and using your cell phone you can unlock the doors.

By enabling the anti-theft function nobody can start your car even if he has a key to do so. if you suspect anyone near your car, you can horn to scare the people away. This project is designed in such a way that even if someone removes the battery terminals, the car won’t reset, that’s how efficiently the anti-theft function works.

I have practically installed the circuit and it works perfectly

  • I can Unlock my car with my phone
  • I can start my car engine remotely using my cell phone
  • I can lock and unlock the doors.
  • I can turn on the car A/C using my android cell phone
  • I can enable my car anti-theft protection mode.

Now I can use my cell phone as the Car Key. This Car project really helped me to control and protect my car and I believe every car owner should make this project. If you follow this article completely you will be able to design your own car automation system using Arduino and a Bluetooth module. Or you can use my designed PCB to reduce the project cost. It’s just like the Arduino as I am using the same microcontroller “Atmega328”.

Block Diagram of the Arduino Bluetooth Controlled Car

Unlock my car with my Phone


  1. SolidWorks for 3D designing
  2. Arduino Uno IDE for programming
  3. Proteus simulation for basic circuit checking to confirm connections
  4. Eclipse for android application designing.
  5. Cadsoft eagle for PCB designing.

We tried to design this project according to the market requirements, for this purpose before building the hardware, first, we designed our hardware in 3d software called SOLIDWORKS. This designing really helped us in understanding the dimension of the components and then using these components within the defined area. for the complete hardware design, we had to make each and every component. After the design was final. then we started performing some experiments on the Bluetooth interfacing and basic commands transferring. we defined the credentials like pin code and its baud rate. after we completed the circuit then we started the programming to check our hardware. for the programming, we used Arduino Uno IDE. The heart of our project is the Atmega328 microcontroller.  The Android software is highly secured as it needs pairing code, and the login password. In the android application, we also defined different passwords for all the features. This android application can not be used for other cars unless new passwords are defined. each and every car will have its own codes, in order to make it highly secured.

Bluetooth Car Control Circuit Diagram:

Unlock my car with my Phone

Unlock my car with my Phone

Bluetooth Car Control PCB DESIGN:

Unlock my car with my Phone

Hardware Picture:

Unlock my car with my Phone

Download the Original PCB board file: Bluetooth

SolidWorks design of the Bluetooth Car control system:

Unlock my car with my Phone

The SolidWorks designing really helped me in understanding the dimensions of all the components. It was due to the dimensions that I was able to place the components with precise accuracy. If you want to learn SolidWorks then you can visit my YouTube channel “Electronic Clinic”.

Download the APK file of the Car control App:

Download APK file: unlock my car apk

After you download and install the Bluematic car app in your cell phone. use the following credentials.

username: admin
password: fgrty

If you want to learn how to make your own Android cell phone application then read my article on “Unlock my car with my phone, Start the engine, Start A/C, Anti-theft using Arduino

Note: You can use the above cell phone App for free. The app source code is available only at 100 Dollars.

Arduino “Atmega328” Bluetooth Car Project Programming:

For the complete explanation watch video tutorial given below.

At the end of this project, I was able to Unlock my car with my phone, I was also able to start the engine, open and close the doors, blow the horn, turn on the A/C, and activate the anti-theft mode. This project was a success, you can watch the practical demonstration in the following video.

Watch Video Tutorial:

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