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Women Safety Device with GSM and GPS location tracking, Smart Purse

Women Safety Device, Smart Purse Introduction:

Women Safety Device with GSM and GPS location tracking, Smart Purse– It is estimated that approximately 35% of women worldwide have experienced some forms of sexual harassment in their lifetime.

In the majority of countries that have data available on rape report that less than 40% of women who experience sexual violence seek help. Girls ages 16-19 are four times more likely to be victims of rape or sexual assault and female college students ages 18-24 are three times more likely to experience sexual assault.

Rape statics 2020 around the world


Country                       Rate                Incidents         Population 2020

South Africa               132.40             66,196             59,308,690

Botswana                    92.90               1,865               2,351,627

Lesotho                       82.70               1,777               2,142,249

Swaziland                   77.50               849                  1,160,164

Bermuda                     67.30               43                    62,278

Sweden                       63.50               5,960               10,099,265

Suriname                     45.20               223                  586,632

Costa Rica                   36.70               1,685               5,094,118

Nicaragua                    31.60               1,829               6,624,554

Grenada                      30.60               32                    112,523

Saint Kitts & Nevis     28.60               15                    53,199

Australia                      28.60               6,378               25,499,884

Belgium                       27.90               2,991               11,589,623

United States              27.30               84,767             331,002,651

Bolivia                         26.10               2,587               11,673,021

New Zealand              25.80               1,129               4,822,233

Saint Vincent              25.60               28                    110,940

Zimbabwe                   25.60               3,186               14,862,924

Barbados                     24.90               68                    287,375

Iceland                         24.70               78                    341,243

Jamaica                        24.40               668                  2,961,167

Peru                             23.50               6,751               32,971,854

Bahamas                      22.70               78                    393,244

Norway                       19.20               938                  5,421,241

Trinidad And Tobago 18.50               247                  1,399,488

Israel                           17.60               1,243               8,655,535

France                         16.20               10,108             65,273,511

Guyana                        15.50               117                  786,552

Finland                        15.20               818                  5,540,720

South Korea                13.50               6,321               51,269,185

Chile                            13.30               2,233               19,116,201

Mexico                        13.20               14,993             128,932,753

Mongolia                     12.40               342                  3,278,290

Luxembourg                11.90               57                    625,978

Solomon Islands         11.00               56                    686,884

El Salvador                 11.00               681                  6,486,205

Ecuador                       10.90               1,484               17,643,054

Ireland                         10.70               479                  4,937,786

Austria                         10.40               875                  9,006,398

Moldova                      10.30               368                  4,033,963

Bangladesh                 9.82                 11,682             164,689,383

Uruguay                      9.80                 327                  3,473,730

Germany                     9.40                 7,724               83,783,942

Netherlands                 9.20                 1,530               17,134,872

Argentina                    8.50                 3,367               45,195,774

Kazakhstan                 8.40                 1,298               18,776,707

Brunei                         7.60                 28                    437,479

Italy                             7.60                 4,513               60,461,826

Sri Lanka                     7.30                 1,432               21,413,249

Colombia                     6.80                 3,149               50,882,891

Belize                          6.70                 21                    397,628

Thailand                      6.70                 4,636               69,799,978

Oman                          6.60                 183                  5,106,626

Denmark                     6.40                 400                  5,792,202

Lithuania                     6.30                 208                  2,722,289

Philippines                   6.30                 5,813               109,581,078

Estonia                         6.00                 81                    1,326,535

Paraguay                     6.00                 359                  7,132,538

Kyrgyzstan                  5.90                 314                  6,524,195

Monaco                       5.70                 2                      39,242

Senegal                        5.60                 693                  16,743,927

Macedonia                  5.00                 103                  2,083,374

Morocco                      4.80                 1,507               36,910,560

Malta                           4.70                                         441,543

Romania                      4.70                 1,007               19,237,691

Bahrain                        4.60                 36                    1,701,575

Czech Republic           4.60                 480                  10,708,981

Kuwait                          4.50                 119                  4,270,571

Poland                         4.10                 1,567               37,846,611

Portugal                       4.00                 424                  10,196,709

Mauritius                     3.90                 51                    1,271,768

Latvia                          3.50                 78                    1,886,198

Spain                           3.40                 1,578               46,754,778

Russia                          3.40                 4,907               145,934,462

Croatia                        3.20                 141                  4,105,267

Slovenia                      3.10                 63                    2,078,938

Maldives                     3.00                 9                      540,544

Palestine                      3.00                 105                  5,101,414

Guatemala                   2.90                 401                  17,915,568

Sudan                          2.90                 1,189               43,849,260

Bulgaria                       2.80                 211                  6,948,445

Singapore                    2.70                 118                  5,850,342

Slovakia                      2.60                 142                  5,459,642

Cyprus                         2.50                 27                    1,207,359

Hungary                      2.50                 246                  9,660,351

Cameroon                    2.40                 447                  26,545,863

Algeria                         2.40                 812                  43,851,044

Belarus                        2.30                 218                  9,449,323

Uganda                       2.10                 709                  45,741,007

Kenya                          2.10                 847                  53,771,296

Jordan                         2.00                 110                  10,203,134

Georgia                       1.90                 82                    3,989,167

Greece                         1.90                 215                  10,423,054

Montenegro                 1.80                 11                    628,066

Qatar                           1.80                 13                    2,881,053

India                            1.80                 22,172             1,380,004,385

Canada                        1.70                 576                  37,742,154

Hong Kong                 1.60                 112                  7,496,981

United Arab Emirates 1.50                 72                    9,890,402

Turkey                         1.50                 1,071               84,339,067

Sierra Leone                1.40                 79                    7,976,983

Ukraine                       1.40                 635                  43,733,762

Andorra                       1.20                 1                      77,265

Bosnia Herzegovina  1.20                 46                    3,280,819

Guinea                         1.00                 92                    13,132,795

Japan                           1.00                 1,289               126,476,461

Syria                            0.80                 156                  17,500,658

Nepal                           0.80                 210                  29,136,808

Yemen                         0.80                 176                  29,825,964

Albania                        0.70                 24                    2,877,797

Serbia                           0.70                 72                    8,737,371

Turkmenistan             0.60                 27                    6,031,200

Lebanon                      0.50                 19                    6,825,445

Tajikistan                     0.50                 27                    9,537,645

Armenia                      0.40                 11                    2,963,243

Azerbaijan                   0.20                 16                    10,139,177

Mozambique               0.20                 44                    31,255,435

Egypt                           0.10                                         102,334,404

Liechtenstein               0.00                                         38,128

Almost 90% of females carry some form of a purse, handbag, or a school bag. To help reduce any type of female assault, every female going outside should have a safety device that can be kept hidden inside a Purse, Handbag, or a school bag.

Women Safety Device

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a smart purse with the women’s safety device which can be operated using a small wireless remote controller.

About the Sponsor of this project, PCBWay:

Women Safety Device


The PCB board used in this project is sponsored by the PCBWay Company. PCBWay is quite professional in the field of PCB manufacturing; you can try their services at extremely low prices, Only 5 dollars for 10 PCBs and 30 dollars in total for 20 PCBs assembly, besides this the new members also get a 5 Dollars bonus.

PCBWay is currently Celebrating 6th Anniversary offering Mid-Year Big Sale. I am really thankful to the PCBWay for continuously supporting my work by sending me such High-quality PCBs.

Download Gerber Files:

Any Purse can be converted into a smart purse with the women safety device provided with a wireless receiver, GSM module, and a GPS Module. All these modules are interfaced with the Arduino Nano. All the electronics are powered up using the rechargeable Lipo Battery. The female safety device inside a purse, handbag, or school bag can be operated using a small wireless transmitter.

Women Safety Device

In an emergency situation, all you need is to secretly press a button. This will send the victims GPS co-ordinates to the family member in a text message consisting of the Google’s Map URL link consisting of the Latitude and Longitude information.

Women Safety Device

Clicking on the URL link will open Google’s map, which you can see in the picture below. The wireless remote controller should not be placed inside the purse and should be placed somewhere safe.

If the kidnapper or someone else snatches the purse, wait for the right time, and press the button. The YK04 Wireless Transmitter and Receiver modules can communicate up to 50 Meters as per the datasheet.

Women Safety Device

I performed a series of tests and it worked perfectly. This is just a prototype model. The size can be further reduced by using the small GSM and GPS modules.

In this Project, we will cover,

  1. Components Details
  2. Women Safety Device Complete Circuit Diagram
  3. Soldering “Watch the video”
  4. Programming and finally
  5. Testing

Without any further delay, let’s get started!!!

The components and tools used in this project can be purchased from Amazon, the components Purchase links are given below:

Arduino Nano USB-C Type (Recommended)

NEO 6M GPS module:

Sim900A GSM Module:

DC 5V 2A Adaptor

YK04 5V 4 channel Remote Control Switch

*Please Note: These are affiliate links. I may make a commission if you buy the components through these links. I would appreciate your support in this way!

About the YK04 Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Pair:

Women Safety Device

This is the YK04 280-433Mhz 4 channel Receiver module with a 4 channel Transmitter provided with the buttons. 4 data outputs D0 to D3 are for 4 button remote control. The Data pin will output high level when the corresponding button is pressed. The working voltage of this module is 5volts.

The YK04 Wireless Receiver module can be easily interfaced with all types of 5V supported controller boards. You can safely use this module with the Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, Arduino Mega, etc. The connection of the YK04 receiver module with the Arduino Nano will be explained in the circuit diagram in a minute.

Neo 6m GPS Module:

Women Safety Device

This is the Neo 6M GPS module used in the female safety device for location tracking. This GPS module is provided with 4 male headers. VCC, RX, TX, and GND. If you have never used the Neo 6m GPS Module, then read my getting started tutorial on the Neo 6M GPS Module.

About the GSM SIM900A Module:

Women Safety Device


This is the GSM Sim900A Module. The first thing that you will notice about this GSM module is that it has no onboard voltage regulator, so be very careful while applying the voltage; Because voltages greater than 5 volts can easily damage this module. The ideal voltage for this GSM module is 4.7v but you can easily power up this GSM Sim900A module using a 5v adaptor. if you don’t have a 5v adaptor then you can make your power supply using lm317t adjustable variable voltage regulator, I have a very detailed tutorial on lm317t explaining everything.

There are a few things that I really like about the GSM sim900A module which are

  1. This is the cheapest GSM module available on the Market.
  2. Another cool thing is, it can be easily interfaced with 5V supported controller boards like Arduino Uno, Arduino mega, Arduino Nano etc and also with 3.3v controller boards like Nodemcu ESP8266 Wifi Module and ESP32 etc. The GSM Sim900A module interfacing with Nodemcu ESP8266 and ESP32 will be explained in one of my future articles.

GSM Sim900A Specifications:

As I said earlier the GSM Sim900A Module has no onboard voltage regulator. Although it has a power supply pin which can be connected with the Arduino’s 5 volts. When no sensors are connected with the Arduino then you can Run this GSM module without any problem. But the time you start connecting different sensors with the Arduino, then Arduino cannot provide enough current to the Sim900A Module due to which the Arduino starts resetting.

So, my recommendation is use an external regulated 5v power supply.

GSM Sim900A Pinout:

Women Safety Device

The white connector labeled with 4.7 – 5V, This is where we connect the external 5volt regulated power supply. It has a total of 9 male headers. The three male headers on the right side are not connected.

  • Pin number 1 is the VCC which can be connected with the Arduino’s 5volts. In my case as I will power up this module using the external power supply so I will leave this pin unconnected.
  • Pin number 2 is the ground, which will be connected with the Arduino’s ground.
  • Pin number 3 is the 5v TXD,
  • Pin number 4 is the 5v RXD,
  • Pin number 5 is the 3.3v TXD, and
  • Pin number 6 is the 3.3v RXD.

As Arduino is based on the 5v controller board so we will be using the 5v TXD and 5v RXD pins of the GSM Sim900A module.

Women Safety Device with GSM and GPS, Circuit Diagram:


Women Safety Device

The circuit diagram of the Women Safety Device is very simple. All the electronics are powered up using the 5Volts power supply. You can use a 5V Lipo Battery Pack or you can use the 5V regulated power supply based on the LM7805 Voltage regulator.

The 5V power supply based on the LM7805 Voltage regulator accepts a wide range of input voltages from 7 to 25Volts. So this device can also be used in vehicles for location tracking.

The 5V and ground pins of the YK04 receiver module are connected with the 5v and ground pins of the power supply. The D0 pin is connected with the Arduino’s pin number 12.

The RXD and TXD pins of the GSM Sim900A module are connected with the Arduino’s pins 8 and 7.

The RXD and TXD pins of the Neo 6M GPS Module are connected with the Arduino’s pins 3 and 2 respectively.

Women’s Safety Device PCB Designing:

I designed the PCB board using the Cadsoft Eagle schematic and PCB designing software. Finally, I generated the Gerber files using the PCBWay’s online Gerber files generation tool and placed my order.

Women Safety Device

These are the PCBs, I received from the PCBWay Company, As you can see the Quality is really great. The silkscreen is quite clear and the solder mask looks amazing.

Components placement and Soldering:

I started off, by placing the components carefully, properly inserted all the required electronics into the PCB board and completed my soldering job.

Women Safety Device

This is how the PCB board looks after soldering.

Women Safety Device

Finally, I connected the GSM Module and GPS module as per the circuit diagram already explained. Our female safety device is ready. Now let’s have a look at the Arduino programming.

Women Safety Device with GSM and GPS, Arduino Nano Programming:

Before, you start the programming; first of all, make sure you download all the necessary libraries.

This is the same exact program which I used in the Car accident location tracking but with just a few changes.

This time I defined a pin for the D0 pin of the YK04 Receiver module which is connected with the Arduino’s digital pin 12. Added a condition which checks if the D0 pin is High. The D0 pin only gets high when the button A on the transmitter side is pressed.

The other most important change is, I added the code which generates the Google’s Map URL link consisting of the Latitude and Longitude information.

Testing the Women Safety Device with GSM and GPS location Tracking:

I started off by powering up the device using the Lip Battery, waited for a few seconds, my GSM module successfully connected with the network and the LED started blinking at a slower rate. When the GSM module is not connected with the network then the LED blinks fast. If your GSM module doesn’t connect, simply remove the SIM and insert it again. In some countries the IMEI is also blocked. Make sure your GSM module is not blocked.

I performed all the initial tests, I was able to remotely trigger the controller and was able to successfully receive the messages consisting of the Google’s Map URL link with the Latitude and Longitude values. You simply click on the Google’s Map URL link the exact location is displayed with almost 4 feet to 1 meter accuracy. I kept checking this module and it worked perfectly without an errors. Once I was satisfied with the working, I packed all the electronics inside the plastic enclosure.

This safety device is portable, can be used in a purse, handbag, school bags, vehicles, In fact everywhere, where you need to monitor the location. This is how easily an ordinary purse can be converted into a smart purse.

Watch Video Tutorial:


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  1. Hello um an electronic student in Botswana have been whatching your clips and reading about your project and I like it and think it can help a lot of women in Botswana .
    Would like to design women safety device for them

  2. which code is used for gps location I mean when I click on the location, and it will take me to the google map right? which code section is used for it

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