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Arduino GSM Top Projects- In this article, I am going to share with you the top 5 Arduino GSM projects.  These projects can be used as the final year engineering projects. The projects that I am about to share with you guys are very easy to modify and can be used for monitoring and controlling.

The reason I am posting this article is that a lot of boys and girls are searching for the Arduino and GSM based projects. The 5 projects that I am about to share with you covers almost anything that will make you able to control anything or monitor anything. You can add new commands; you can request the data on demand. These Projects are based on the Famous SIM900A GSM module.

5: Arduino and GSM-based Security Alert message to multiple numbers

There are situations when you need to send one message to multiple numbers. for example, a security Alert message that you want to send on more than 2, 3, 4 or even more numbers.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an advanced security system and send the Security Alert message to multiple numbers using Arduino and A GSM Sim900A Module. For demonstration purposes, I used an LDR sensor, which makes this project as the laser security system, but if you want you can also replace the LDR with a PIR sensor or Magnetic reed Sensor or a limit switch and so on. You can also use all of these sensors together in one project.

This is really an amazing project and can be used for security purpose and in places where you need to send multiple messages on different numbers.

Video Tutorial:



4: GSM and GPS based car accident location tracking

Nowadays a lot of accidents happen on highways due to increase in traffic and also due to rash driving of the drivers. And in many situations, the family members or the ambulance and police authority is not informed in time. This result in delaying the help reached to the person suffered due to an accident.

In this project, limit switches are used to sense if the car is hit by another car or a wall, etc. while the neo 6m GPS module is used to access the longitude and latitude values. The longitude and latitude values are then sent using the GSM module. This Project can be easily modified, relays can be added to wirelessly control the Car ignition, doors locking and unlocking and so on.

Video Tutorial:



3: GSM-based GAS leakage detection with SMS alert.

This project is based on the Smoke/gas leakage detection and SMS alert system. When Gas or smoke is detected a message is sent to the desired person using a GSM module. This project is based on the Arduino Uno, sim900A GSM module and MQ-2 sensor module.

This project can be easily modified by adding multiple sensors and a solenoid valve for the automatic valve shutdown. Thousands of people around the world search for the same thing; this is really an interesting top. After watching the video or reading the article you will be able to make a gas leakage detection system for your home. You can make this project pretty advanced by adding temperature, Oxygen sensor, etc.

Video Tutorial:



2: RFID and GSM-based Students Attendance System with application

This is an advanced level project and can be used as your final year project. In this project, you will learn how to use MFR522 RFID,, and GSM together with the same Arduino Uno board. This is a complete project explaining each and every step. This project works as,

First of all, a teacher swipes a card and is marked present, then the timer is started and messages are sent to all the students, that the teacher has arrived… If the Students swipe their cards within the specified time they will be marked present… and the rest of the students will be marked absent…and messages will be sent to their parents….

Video Tutorial:



1: Arduino, GSM, and RFID based Kids safety system

Recently, crime against children is increasing at a higher rate and it is high time to offer a safety system for the children going to school. When a child does not come to school it is very important to inform the parents. Time can be critical, as small children may get in trouble and help should come quickly.

It is the responsibility of the school management to inform the parents in time whether their child is present or absent. However, this is not easy to do this manually by typing and sending alert messages to parents. So, a suitable solution for this problem is to design an automatic messaging system.

Each student is given an RFID card when the student swipes a card a message is sent to their parents. This way the parents can know whether their child is present or absent. So in this tutorial, you will learn how to make an automatic parents alert messaging system using Arduino, MFRC522 RFID module, 16×2 LCD and a GSM SIM900A module.

Video Tutorial:



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